New Book by Our Teacher

Emotional Rescue

emotional rescue coverNew Book by Our Teacher

In a life-changing book, acclaimed Buddhist teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shows how to free yourself from being a victim of  your emotions by gaining the awareness and understanding that will help you harness their power.

Emotions bring color and meaning to our lives, but they can also put us on an exhausting roller-coaster ride that takes us to blissful peak states, the depths of delusion and despair, and everything in between. It is only by learning to relate to our emotions skillfully that we benefit from their richness and glean wisdom, rather than letting them control us. Emotions get their power from a simple but deep-seated source: our lack of self-knowledge. When we bring awareness to our experience of emotions, something truly amazing happens—they lose their power to make us miserable.

For videos and a peek inside the book, go to

Nalandabodhi Tucson will be offering a reading/discussion group using Emotional Rescue. Email us to get on the list for more information when it becomes available.

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